Scala Energy is a company that specializes in designing and implementing energy efficiency and energy management projects in industrial and commercial sites.

Our goal is to be the ideal partner for our customers for all of their energy efficiency needs, in parallel exposing them to new opportunities and projects that are enabled due to the development of technology, especially the use of smart products and services that enable better efficiency and controls.

In recent years, we have been leading the upgrading and energy saving lighting projects market in industrial sites in Israel.
We upgrade tens of factories per year to high-quality LEDs with full integrated controls – maximizing the savings and harvesting the infrastructures for additional IOT in the facilities.

Our focus is to provide our customers the projects with the best value for them.


Project approach

Energy efficiency project is an infrastructure project that needs to improve the operational conditions in which the site operates, as well as to be the best investment through the life cycle of the project.

The project involves various factors in the company such as engineering, maintenance, finance and administration.

We at Scala see the need of our customers for a professional services that will help their companies to do the project as a project with the best results: to examine alternatives, to offer innovative solutions, to design, to manage turn key projects, finance, guarantee savings, assist in receiving incentives from the government and more.

For this purpose, we are not a lighting company, but a project company that fully service our customers during the upgrade and savings above, and enables our customers to invest their time and resources in their core businesses.


Unique and advanced technologies

Since the infrastructure project is carried out for many years, under the conditions of rapid technological progress, it is necessary to invest in the forefront of technology with the possibility of updating the version (as a version is updated on the phone, downloading a new app and more).

In the lighting specifically, beyond the high-quality LED solutions, we offer a unique solution of Intelligent lighting by Digital Lumens, owned by Osram, which can save 90% of electricity consumption costs for lighting and harvest infrastructures for a smart factory at the same time.

The unique solution combines the advantages of LED lighting with intelligent integrated and wireless control, which enables complete control over the performance of any lighting fixture without wiring and remote control.

By doing this you can get maximum efficiency when each fixture is lit only - when necessary, at the output that is needed and only for the duration that is needed.

Beyond the maximum savings in electricity costs, the networking and connectivity enables a wireless infrastructure for smart factory and Internet Of Things applications.

Scala Energy has taken upon itself to implement and provide advanced and proven technologies from leading companies in the world, with a reputation, responsibility and years of experience. All these allow us to provide reliable service, long-term warranty and full commitment to results.



The company has over 1,000,000 square meters of experience in installing intelligent lighting projects at the major industrial sites in Israel, such as: Shufersal, Soda Stream, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, UPS, IAI, Maman, BTL and others.

Also, we helped our customers receive tens of incentives from the government to make their energy efficiency projects more economical.


We will be glad to assist you with any questions and to examine the optimal solution for your site.

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