Scala Energy specializes in energy efficiency and leads the sector of replacement current

lighting to intelligent LED Lighting systems.

Providing maximum savings, integrated control and intelligent site infrastructures.

Win Win model

A win-win model ensures you lighting cost savings without investment and without risks– you can do the project in positive cash flow from day one and make the payments out of saving. We will take care of everything including installation and maintenance.

Commitment to saving

Scala team will provide you with full confidence that the project ROI will be achieved. 

We are measuring the savings, and we are happy to commit and to  give you full confidence to make the project with a guaranteed ROI.

Incentive Program

We are preparing all the work for you, to maximize your ROI.

We follow the published state incentives programs and prepare for you all the material required to submit, at no cost and without any obligation.

Free trial installation

See and feel how the system works on your site, listen to the feedbacks of your employees, and measure real time results savings. We offer a free trial installation, with no obligation and with full measurement in your site.

About Us

Scala Energy specializes in implementing technologies of energy efficiency and energy management.


Scala is leading the cost savings sector in lighting of industrial facilities, logistics centers, cold storages, warehouses, hangars and parking lots.


Scale Energy carried out in Israel dozens of energy-saving lighting projects at leading companies including: Shufersal, Coca-Cola, Bazan, El-Al, UPS, Maman, Alliance, Tivol and more.


Scala Energy implements in Israel a unique and innovative technology which developed by US company named Digital Lumens. With implementing the technology, a 90% of electricity costs for lighting is achieved.


The unique technology combines the advantages of LED lighting, which leads the lighting sector in the world, along with an integrated wireless intelligent control, and allowing absolute control over all the performance of lighting fixtures, without any wiring between them and control them remotely.

By doing so you can get maximum efficiency when:                                                                               

Each fixture is on – when, where and exactly as needed.


Beyond the dramatic savings in energy costs, Scale Energy's Intelligent system has many more advantages: analysis of operational data regularly using the sensors of the system, controlling the number of sites through one center, a selection of profiles to operate in accordance with changing needs, preserving the life of the product, a platform that allows systems interface factory and other unique solutions to the customer specific needs.


Scala energy has taken on to implement and deliver only advanced and proven technologies, which were developed by the world's leading companies, reputable, responsibility, and years of technological experience. All these enable us to provide reliable service, long warranty and a full commitment to results.


Our services include:


  • Full lighting design

  • Making a trial proof

  • Making a technical / economic design

  • Submission of applications for incentives programs and funding for the customers

  • Installation of the system

  • Integration and commissioning of controls

  • Performance measurement, verification and commitment to saving

  • Long warranty


Scala Energy operates in other areas of energy efficiency and energy management. During Scala Energy activity in Israel, the company has become a partner of international companies and has built infrastructure and rich knowledge in those kind of practice area.


Our goal is to provide our customers the best solutions and value for them.

We will be happy to assist you with any question, and to examine the optimal solution for your site.

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Phone no. 09-7711151

Fax. 09-7711157

Address: Lev Ha'aretz Park, c/o Zbeda Group, Rosh Ha'ayin, 4810001, P.O BOX: 59, Israel


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